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QS CONTROL Corp. specialize in manufacture OEM automotive and medical components with more than 30 years experiences. With the 2 major quality system TS16949, ISO13485, and GMP certification, QSC is committed to provide the excellent product with the quality you deserved. Key customers range from Europe to North America. We also use advanced robotic arm to replace traditional labor-intensive productivity, which can get better efficiency, stable quality, innovation and quick response system to maintain our own competitiveness.

Core Capabilities:
Medical Product Application:
✓ Orthopedic surgery implants and tools, such as nails, bone plates, interbody fusion cage and bone drills.
✓ Laparoscopic surgery tools, such as staplers and trocars.
✓ OEM the housings and components of artificial kidney.
✓ Hemodialysis tubes.
✓ OEM the shielded components of radiotherapy equipment. (Machining)
✓ General medical components, such as parts of IV set, respiratory, tubes and connectors.
✓ Medical electronics, such as ear thermometer.
✓ OEM & ODM for all kinds of medical products.

Automotive Product Application:
✓ Component/assembly parts used in Transmission/Fuel Cable
✓ Component used in clean air catalytic converter
✓ Various Component used in automobile OEM/AM industries.
✓ Various Precision CNC Machining/Plastic Injection related components


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